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What My Dad Said That Affects Your Dental Care at Our Practice 

My mom, dad and me around 1974.

Melanie and I have created an amazing dental practice. Every day, 21 people come to work because they WANT to work here. Our office culture is extraordinary. But why? 

Here’s just one of the many reasons (most of which have to do with Melanie). 

My dad left eastern Kentucky in 1963 at 18 years old and with a wife in tow. He went to work at International Harvester in Louisville, Kentucky. This was, in a sense, like hitting the lottery for him. It didn’t make him rich, but it provided for the family (when the employees were not on strike). 

But in the early ’80s, the plant closed and my dad was out of a job. The economy stank and he had no formal education. I remember it was a tough time. He ended up taking a job in sales for some sort of manufacturing product, if memory serves me correctly. It was a relief that he was working again. 

One day I came home from school and found out he had quit his job. Knowing that this would stress the household again, and not feeling super empathetic about it, I asked the big question: WHY? 

He didn’t go into a long sermon or lecture me with platitudes. He simply said, “They wanted me to lie and I won’t do that.” 

Fast-forward many years, and Melanie and I crafted two of the most important phrases in our office history—our Core Values. 

  1. Do the Right Thing 
  1. Tell the Truth 

For some reason, I realized that what he had taught me, in a simple and easy way to understand, was that lying is wrong and standing up against it is right. Even if it means financial hardship. 

Everyone on our team knows our Core Values. And everyone on our team sees us live them. I believe that our patients can also see these values play out when they are in our office. 

We don’t always get it right, but when we don’t, we make it right. And that all lays on the foundation of integrity and honesty, a foundation laid by Melanie’s and my parents when we were kids in the ’70s and ’80s. 

Neither Melanie nor I would trade our commitment to our values for any amount of money. I have often joked with Melanie that she’s never going to be the richest dentist in town, but she sure can sleep well! 

Melanie lost her dad back in March, and my father has spent this year pretty sick. While our parents won’t be with us forever, just like we won’t be with our kids forever, their legacies will live on. 

Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Dickie. You both done real good!