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How to Get the Most Value in Dentistry

Best value is found at the juncture of quality, trustworthiness and skill.

If you took a survey and asked people the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word dentist, for some, it would be “expensive.” The truth is, dental work, such as crowns, root canals, and implants, does cost quite a bit of money. Many people approach the cost of dental care by purchasing dental insurance. Whether you do so or not, the best way to get the most value in dentistry is usually not to look at your dental care through the lens of your dental insurance. It is best to look through the lens of VALUE when considering the cost of your dental care.   

In our practice, we focus on stretching your dental dollars over time to provide the best value for our patients. Below are the three ways we do this. 

We Are Trustworthy and Conservative 

Our clinical philosophy is conservative, meaning we do not believe in reducing tooth structure that does not need to be reduced. In other words, we don’t believe in drilling teeth unless you really need it.   

Trustworthy simply means we never “sell” you anything you don’t need. We don’t pay out sales bonuses or give our team commissions for sales.   

Trustworthy and conservative means that you will simply not be diagnosed or treated with any dentistry in our office that is not really, truly needed. 

We Use Only High-Quality Materials, Labs, and Implants 

Did you know that many of the crowns that American dentists are placing today are fabricated in China and Vietnam? Why? Because they are cheap, and this is what many dentists must do to afford to work with dental insurance. When purchasing supplies such as the permanent cement that glues your crown in, we can purchase cheap generics with less of the active ingredients, or we can purchase high-quality cement, which is what we do. Many implants today are being restored with aftermarket implant abutments that void the implant’s warranty. Our labs tell us this is the norm now. We use only custom, brand-name abutments because we know we can stand behind their quality.  

The point is not to knock or demean any dentist who chooses to use these materials and products. We just point it out so you know that in our office, we never do this. We know that using the best supplies and products means getting the longest-lasting restorations for you, stretching your dollars as far as possible. 

Our Team Members Are Highly Skilled Doctors 

Dentistry is like construction, but in millimeters, in an imperfect and ever-changing biological environment, with every single bite placing extraordinary force on the dental restoration.  

Inside the local dentistry community, it is no secret that our office is not an easy place to get a job. Our standards are high, including for the doctors who also call our practice home. Dentists are like custom builders who work in the strict conditions described above. They are custom craftspeople, and we have decided that only the most skilled among them can work here. Dr. Pugh’s name is on the building and her standards are high. Having highly skilled dentists means your dental work will be of the highest quality, “built to last.” 

Conclusion – Think Value with Your Dental Work 

The bottom line is that if your dentist is very conservative about cutting down your teeth, is not selling you dentistry you don’t need, uses only the absolute best materials that are made to last the longest possible time, and has a team of skilled technicians who do impeccable work, then over time you will stretch your dental dollars, getting maximum value for every penny you spend! This will be true whether you have dental insurance or not. 

We also offer multiple options for payment, such as interest-free plans and an in-house membership plan for those who do not have dental insurance. 

Please call us at 239-949-1805 if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment. We would love to take care of your family!   

Here is a 2 minute video on how to get the best value in dentistry.